Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Hello Back

Hello guys, i am currently active on stardoll.com since a year.
So you can visit my medoll maryam-jan on stardoll.com.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

LE is already out

There is so much I didn't buy it all either, but still spent about 4000sd!!! That is crazy Stardoll!!! Now I am broke til next week! :PThe good thing is there are a few things for NON-SUPERSTAR'S like a bag, tights, gloves, shoes! So here's is your chance to get a little LE.


40 Million

40 million members

Well Stardoll has released the 40 Million Members memorabilia, and I for one am very disappointed. We get a free 40 Million Members sign, but it is nothing special. There is a basic shirt available for both guys and girls at the relatively expensive price of $6. For $5 and $3 respectively, you can get cute balloons and a cake. There's also a party hat for $2 and get this... $15 (!!!) for a circle that bounces around.

FREE Fame Outfit

There's new free FAME clothes that you can get with an online proxy!
Just go to daveproxy.co.uk and just search stardoll.com/cinema
Log in, and then after like 3 seconds, log out, and there you go! The FAME clothes should be in your suite!

FREE Hotbuys purse


Free Pet Awards Poster

You can get a FREE Pet Awards poster following this steps, if you're not from the UK:

1. Use a manual proxy, like port 80 (learn how to use a manual proxy here). If it doesn't work check more proxies on the sidebar! Or use goproxing.com, however I'm not sure if it's safe.
2. Log into stardoll.

Non-Superstar Hot Buys Dress!

The Rainbow Hot Buys Dress has been released for non-superstars. It still costs $15, which is so bad, but hey, at least everyone can buy it!
But thats already gone.

Brazilian Independence Clothes

The clothes from the limited Brazilian Independence line range from $1 to $3, and they are BARGAIN BUYS
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