Saturday, 6 September 2008

Newest Designs

Like you can see in the picture (left) i am with my designs very often in the list of newest designs. I am always creating designs and buying them to collect them and sell it to share it with everybody in stardoll.
i wish i would be one of the most known designers.

The ''IT" bag Competition

It's time to ... Muse it or Lose it.

Stardoll is looking for a Style inspiration - a muse for the fashionable fall of 2008.

The winner will have this season's "IT" bag named after them --available for sale all across Stardoll -- your fame will spread anywhere that Stardolls carry stylish bags on their arms. So that's everywhere in the Stardoll world!

... and of course you'll win Stardollars too!

Use your Album to demonstrate your particular take on THE look for Fall 2008.

You can do a single iconic look -- or use the album as a "Look Book" and put together a series of looks --- how you define your style is up to you!

1. Go to your Album Build a look -- or series of looks -- that define your signature style for Fall 2008.

2. Save the looks in your album. Clever Styling Comments Never Hurt Your Chances.

3. Your entry will be automatically entered through this page when you click the ‘Enter Here’ Button on Callie's Competitions page.

4. Contest runs through September 10, 5pm EST.
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