Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Dot Make-up 2

So Sephora wil close his shop, sadly. And the new beauty shop on stardoll is Dot. A strange name, but the stuff are ok. They dont look so highqualitly like Sephora. It looks childllish and cheap.

The "Dot" Make-up

Monday, 30 March 2009

Live Chat on Stardoll

Live Chat for members from the US and Canada. Who is  I never heard about him before. Is a Canadian actor, singer, and dancer. His most prominent role to date is that of Nikko Alexander in the movie Spectacular!. In addition to his work in Spectacular!, produced by Nickelodeon Movies, he has also made numerous guest starring appearances on shows including Supernatural, The L Word, Smallville, Lie to Me, and a recurring role on Aliens in America.

Sadly i am not from the US or Canada. But do you think the life chats are real or are there jsut some fake persons behind the chat?

New in Magazine

When i surfed on teh Stardoll Magazine i noticed something very New. There are on the right side coloured borders like Coverpage, Starbloggers, Contest, Stardoll Shopping, etc. And today i saw a new border it called "Auf Deutsch" what means "On German". So there isnt anymore only the Starblogger border for every user content, now there is an extra broder only for GERMAN WRITERS. Thats great, because Zaida-Lee and I (maryam-jan) are the starbloggers on english & German and that is great. We are ery active and its a very nice idea. Thanks stardoll!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Bride book - Spoiler

Coming soon - THE BRIDE BOOK by maryam-jan. It will be a magazine about wedding, love & brides. Please do not copy my idea. I will show you hot dresses, make up tips & more. It will be published in June/July. I will start working on it. 

Tipps for your Blog

1. Name - It's better too have a short and simple name for people too remember, people will not want too remember something long and difficult, try not to use words with numbers or, -ox.

2.Text - Your txt should be simple and correctly spelt, Try not to use words, LiKe ThiS and lyk dis, people will find it hard too understand and will give up.

3. Layout/Design - Try too keep content simple and things easy too read, Try not to have a long page list or people cannot find the page they might be looking for, also try too stick too non-bright colours.

4. Originality - Try to make everything by you, yes you can use stuff from other sites, but people dont want to go on site where they've seen stuff before, try also to create new ideas.

5. Creativity - Try to use your imagination, put your ideas into your work, peoplelike too see new ideas and fun things too look at, even if it does hurt to think!

Dot instead of Sephora

So we have to say Bye, Bye to our years old brand Sephora. Sephora will be closed and a new make-up brand will be instead of Sephora. I am really sad about that, becuase i loved Sephora. Without Sephora my Medoll dont look like she looks. Otherwhise i am very excited about the new beauty brand dot. The name doesnt sound very nice. What do you think´?

Friday, 27 March 2009

Stardoll makes his light off!!!

Just go to stardoll to see what i mean.  Stardoll switched their light on the startpage off. The background is just black. Why is stardoll doing that? Because today is EARTH HOUR.


VOTE EARTH is a global call to action for every individual, every business, and every community. A call to stand up and take control over the future of our planet. Switch off your lights for Earth Hour.

VOTE EARTH - Turn Your Lights Out for Earth Hour


 Earth Hour is an international event that aims to draw attention to climate change and global warming. The goal is for 1 billion people to switch off their lights as part of a global vote in the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming.

The results of the vote will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a Vote for Earth, and is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard.

Lights are scheduled to go out for 60 minutes at hundreds of popular tourist landmarks and buildings worldwide, including New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Moscow and Nairobi.

We can all have a vote, and every single vote counts. Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations.

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.

Also visit Starplaza to get your exclusive one-day-only Earth T-shirt on Saturday.

Join the 'Earth.Hour Club' now to find out more, and support this great cause.

Free Earth Hour stuff

Hurry up! Go to the Starplaza (Shop) to get free things. You can find the free earth hour collection in the shop. There is a boy shirt, a bag and a t-shirt.

New Voile Dress

Hello blog readers, this is the new "free" Voile dress. It very cute. Turquise & black and a short dres. So cute. If you make a purchase you get this dress for free. 

Sephora Grand Final !!!

The end of the beauty brand Sephora? I found something very strange on the startpage on stardoll.com. There was a picture (see above) and there is standing "The last chance to buy Sephora on Starplaza". That confused me alot. Will Stardoll close the ultimative famous beauty brand SEPHORA? Please not, i have so many make up from then in my style medoll. 

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Free british car

Want a free car? You can get one in 4 simple steps! 

1. Go to club EF_StarClub_it

2. In the presentation, there is a picture of a woman in a pink top reading a book. Beside her it says CLICK HERE. Click there.

3. It will bring you to a new web-page. Ignore the form and click FREE GIFT.

4. Go to your suite and check at your mirror. Voile! Your car will be there waiting for you.

P.S. In case you didn't know, if you join the club, you get a T-shirt, mug and toy. And sorry for posting this so late

Hairband Spoiler

This hairbands will soon arrive to the StarPlaza... Not the best and not the worse. The bows would've been cuter if they were black or white. What do you think?

Spring 2009 - Spoiler

This is the Spoiler for the Spring collection 2009 on stardoll. The clothes are awesome. The Spring colours are purple, pink & blue.

So let the Spring come out!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New DKNY Cluster Neckless

This is the New DKNY CLUSTER NECKLESS & DKNY CLUSTER BRACELET. The neckless isnt so expensive like many thougt. The 3 limited DKNY neckless before cost 20. 30 and 40 stardollars. And everyone thought the last one will cost 50 stardollar. But as if you can see on the pic above and in the Starplaza it only cost 32 stardollars. In addition there is a DKNY bracelt whic is very cute, but for that little thing it is very expensive. It costs 22 stardollars. 

And besides you can compare the DKNY neckless above and below. On the stardoll Spoiler (below) the march DKNY NECKLESS from 24 - 31 looks very pretty and exotic. But when you look above the neckless looks different then in the spoiler. The chain is shorter and it isnt so bling bling like above. I am very disapointed about this neckless. It looks trashy. 

Sale March 2009


Hurry up. The Superstar SALE March 2009 is there. It started today on march 24. There are awesome clothes and jewellery for sale. You get all things for the half prices (50% off). So hint for the sales.

Frida Kahlo collection & prices

Check out the traditional, mexican, colourful Frida Kahlo collection.

They are awesome & unique and new on Stardoll. Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954) born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón  was a Mexican painter, who has achieved great international popularity. She painted using vibrant colors in a style that was influenced by indigenous cultures of Mexico as well as by European influences that include Realism, Symbolism, and Surrealism. Many of her works are self-portraits that symbolically express her own pain and sexuality. Kahlo was married to Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

The clothes cost from 3 to 14 stardollars and are very cheap. 

Frida Kahlo - Spoiler

Click on the image to see both clothes!!!

Frida Kahlo stellte ihre eigenen Regeln auf – in der Kunst wie im Leben, in der Mode, Kleidung und Stil! 

Auf Stardoll kannst du jetzt von Kahlo inspirierte Kleider finden, die den kultigen Stil der wunderbaren Künstlerin widerspiegeln! 

Lerne jetzt die Welt und die Garderobe von einem wahren, originellen Talent kennen, das eine der berühmtesten Kunst- und Stilikonen der Welt geworden ist. 

Lerne die Frau kennen, die sich nie mit einem konventionellen Leben zufrieden gab; Künstlerin, die auf einer geradezu brutaler Weise ehrliche Selbstporträte malte und radikale politische Meinungen äusserte. 

Frida Kahlos Stil war wie eine Performance: sowohl ein stolzes Statement einheimischer mexikanischer Kultur als auch Tarnung von ihrem eigenen physischen Leiden. 

In einer Epoche, in der bleiche, gepuderte Frauen als Schönheitsideal betrachtet wurden, ging Frida stets ihren eigenen Weg. Sie setzte auf Dramatik: tintenschwarze Haare mit Mittelscheitel und hinten in einem glatten Knoten aufgesteckt, dichte flügelformige Augenbrauen über ihren schwarzen, fesselnden Augen. 

Auch ihr persönlicher Kleidungsstil war faszinierend und aggressiv zugleich. Die Damenmode der Epoche war eher niedlich und prüde - Kahlo aber trug farbenfrohe, traditionelle, mexikanische Blusen und Röcke. 

Vieles davon kam aus dem Süden von Mexiko, aus der matriarchalischen Gemeinschaft von Tehuana – starke, ausdrucksvolle Farben und Formen, die Designer und Photographen in aller Welt auch heute noch inspirieren. 

Lass dich auch von dieser wunderbaren Künstlerin auf Starplaza inspirieren...

Little Pet Shop - Ouknow

How cute the little pets are. Do you have a pet? 

Stardoll has a whole new way to play LITTLEST PET SHOP
with an LPS store opening in the MiniShop! Now you can have the Littlest Pets in the Greatest of Suites -- yours!

LITTLEST PET SHOP pets now in the MiniShop!

Get your LITTLEST PET SHOP pets now in the MiniShop! Collect all six (6) in your suite! Why collect all 6? What do you get?
Don't forget to swing by the Stardoll Cinema and pick up your very own virtual Special Edition Koala for your suite! 

And, Here's how to get your own FIRST EVER Koala pet in the mail! 

1. Purchase your LITTLEST PET SHOP My Collector Journal at participating retailers , which already comes with 1 starter sticker
2. Purchase fice (5) specially marked LITTLEST PET SHOP packages with stickers inside . Look for the the special symbol to indicate there is a sticker inside the package. 
3. Attach your six (6) stickers to the sticker collection page found in the My Collector Journal.
4. Complete the form found in the back of the journal and mail with sticker sheet to the address provided, postmarked by 5/15/10, to receive your special Koala by mail!

FREE Littlest Pet Shop Koala

More Free Stuff! The FREE Koala is UK and Canada only, but we all can have it following this steps:

1. Go to becked.info, daveproxy.co.uk, myproxy.ca or any fast UK or Canada proxy you know (I reccomend becked.info).
2. Type in: stardoll.com/en/cinema
3. Check if the "Now Playing" box says "Littlest Pet Shop".
4. Wait a few seconds, then, Log Out
5. Log in normal Stardoll and go to your suite. It's on your main room on the mirror!

Free Butterfly

Stardoll finally released FREE Stuff! You can get the free cute butterfly from the Pet shop.

Just go to your suite, click on Minishop, then New Stuff or Littelest Pet Shop, and besides getting a FREE Butterfly, you can also get $1 Pets!

Monday, 23 March 2009

8th Stardoll Magazine Article

Jippie. I think march is a very lucky month for me. It´s my 8th article in the Stardoll magazine. It called "Bruce Willace heiratet" which is published today, on march 23. But it´s only in Stardoll Magazine Germany. 

The link is here: http://www.stardoll.de/de/magazine/post/33762/bruce_willis_heiratet.html#_sdbtnoc5

Hope you like it!!!

New Stardoll - Sheryfa Luna

A new Stardoll on stardoll.com is avaiable. Check her out. Her name is Sheryfa Luna. I think the doll is ugly and the clothes more ugly than her. Sorry, but i dont like anythink except the earings. Also i never heard something about Sheryfa Luna. Who is she?

I searched a little bit in the world wide web. 

Sheryfa Luna (born Chérifa Babouche on January 25, 1989) is a French R&B singer born to an Algerian father of Kabyle origin and a French mother.

She won the fourth series of the French edition of popular Popstars in October 2007.  Her self titled debut album peaked at #3 in France and was certified Gold there.

She has released three singles: "Quelque part" (Somewhere) and "Il avait les mots" (He Had the Words), which both went to #1 in France, and "D'ici et D'Ailleurs" (From Here and Elsewhere) which was released in March 2008.

Chain Drop Hoop Earings

So, i have seen today this cool earings in the starplaza. "Chain Drop Hoop Earings" is the name of it. They cost 5 stardollars and very pretty & cool. I really like them.

They look sexy on my medoll. 

My 7th article in Stardoll magazine

Oh yes, i did it. It´s my 7th article in the German Stardoll magazine. i am very proud about it. It called "Despereaux - Der kleine Mäuseheld". It´s about a new Cinema movie coming soon.

Here is the link: http://www.stardoll.com/de/magazine/post/33691/despereaux__der_kleine.html#_sdbtnoc5

"Weil er das Leben so sehr liebt, muss ein kleiner Mäuserich in der finsteren Welt der Ratten darben. 

Das ehemals strahlende Königreich Dor ist nur noch ein Schatten seiner selbst, eine Welt der gebrochenen Herzen. Die Sonne untergegangen, das Lachen vergangen und alle Hoffnung vergebens - bis zur Geburt des kleinen Mäuserichs Desperaux Tiling, der trotz den Anstrengungen seiner Familie einfach keine Angst zu verspüren scheint. Er liebt Heldensagen und die Menschenprinzessin Erbse und, weil sich das für eine Maus nicht schickt, wird er in die düsteren Keller des Schlosses verbannt. Sein Retter in der Not, Roscuro - eine gutherzige Ratte, hasst sein Leben in der Dunkelheit und kommt dennoch von seinem Weg ans Licht ab. Und das Dienstmädchen Miggery Sow wäre so unendlich gerne eine echte Prinzessin."

Sunday, 22 March 2009

THE "Stardoll-Tutorials by maryam-jan" MODEL 2

So i posted you something about DEEPAL SHAW. The girl on my layout. She is very pretty and she fits totally to my Blog.

She released her first album (BabyDoll) in 2004. She followed up her strong debut with Baby Doll Chapter 2, featuring many hit remixes such as "Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar" and "Rangeela Re."

Her music consists mainly of modernized remixes of old Hindi songs, entailing a very bass-heavy sound with some hip hop elements. She is currently on Saregama India Records. MTV India has largely been responsible for promoting her music, by playing her sexy and extremely popular music videos.

So i show you now some of her songs. I love them!

The "Stardoll-Tutorials by maryam-jan" Model

Who is the "Stardoll-Tutorials by maryam-jan" Model? A lot of people asked me, who is she? Is she me? No she isnt. 

It´s Deepal Shaw! Deepal Shaw (born February 21, 1986), more commonly known as Baby Doll, is an Indian actress, model, and singer who currently appears in Bollywood movies.

Shaw was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, to parents originally from Uttar Pradesh. She studied in D.P.Y.A. High School, Dadar. Her mother was born in Lucknow, while her father was born in Ayodhya. She has a younger brother.

As a child, her parents encouraged her to sing, first giving her lessons when she was only six years old.
Shaw began her career as a model, taking part in the 2004 Miss India beauty pageant, advancing to the final round before being cut. After this setback, she rededicated herself to striving for success in the Indian entertainment industry, beginning a career as a singer.

She released her first album (entitled Baby Doll, after her adopted stage name) in 2004. She followed up her strong debut with Baby Doll Chapter 2, featuring many hit remixes such as "Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar" and "Rangeela Re."

So do you like her´?

Saturday, 21 March 2009

My 6th article in Stardoll magazine

I am really a sleeper. I didnt also see my article "More St. Patrick´s" in the Stardoll magazine (published Monday, march 16). 

The link: http://www.stardoll.com/de/magazine/post/33269/more_st_patricks.html

Oh yes, Saint Patrick's Day. It is an annual feast day which celebrates Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland, and is generally celebrated on March 17. I never heard something before about this. Only since i am a member of STARDOLL i get to know this festival. 

Also, as you can see on the pic, stardoll will defitnely celebrate it. Today is a cloverleaf in the minishop & giftshop for only 1 stardollar. So take out your green clothes.

So i am excited what Stardoll will do this Year on Saint Patrick´s Day. 

Here is more stuff from stardoll for St. Patrick's Day. Both accessoires cost only 1 stardollar. I like the hat, it´s funny. The belt is ok, the colour isnt the best. It may show gold coins. 

So style up your medoll for Saint P. Day

Hack Prevention 1 - Stardoll magazine

Lol. I never mentioned that. But when i was on Stardoll Germany i saw my article "Hackprevention 1" in the Stardoll magazine. It was published on March 16. So its my 5th Article in the stardoll magazine.

Here is the link: http://www.stardoll.com/de/magazine/post/33270/hack_prevention_1.html

The plot:

A lot sites being hacked and now unguilty stardoll members, one of those sites being the one everyone loves, Now please let me say first Im no expert, but on this page, Im going to say what I think, that everyone can do to help prevent their sites from being hacked!!!

Everyone I have met on stardoll works so hard to get their page, club, etc. the way they want it, and to bring traffic, only for some jealous hacker to come along and destroy everything they worked so hard for. Don't let this happen to you. Try everything you can to prevent being hacked.

Now if I have understood people right the hacker, will take your email address that you post on your account, and they will try to get through to get your hotmail password. Ok, on hotmail there is what everyone does called a "secret question" When filling that out there are things like, what is your favorite teacher? We'll alot of people love to put the boyfriends/girlfriends name as password or sceret answer. Same goes as for if you put your favorite soup or animal.

When they get through your secret question this makes it where they get your password for hotmail, now all they have to do is go to stardoll, and say email me my password. And they just got your password to stardoll. Now here are just my ideas on how to prevent this.

Antidote - Das neue Limited Edition

This is my Article "Antidote- Das neue Limited Edition" welches am 21.03.2009 erschien in Stardoll magazine.

Antidote ist die neue Marke im Starplaza. Carpe Diem heisst "Seize the day". Es ist also eine Auffordung, die knappe Lebenszeit heute zu nutzen und nicht auf den nächsten Tag zu vertrauen. Die Kollektion ist trendy und young und wurde von dem Label Jill Stuart und 3.1 Phillip Lim inspiriert.

Antidote erschien vor ein paar Tagen im Shop. Die Klamotten sind wundervoll und großartig. Die Antidote Sachen - Antidote beeinhaltet nicht nur Kleidungsstücke sondern auch Möbel und Deco-Elemente - sind sehr bunt gemischt. Sie sind einzigartig und günstig. Alles kostet unter 100 stardollars. Das heisst, eine große Breite von Superstars können sich diese Sachen kaufen. Zudem ist Antidote limitiert, also nur in bestimmten Mengen vorhanden. Das heißt, man muss sich schnell seine Lieblingsteile kaufen, bevor es ausverkauft ist!

Somit ist Antidote eine Marke für die Superstar Mittelklasse, wohin gegen Limited Edition für die Upper-class, also der Elite, angehört.

Das beste an Antidote ist die Einzigartigkeit und Frische und vor allem Jeanshosen (Denim) und ganz viele hellblaue Töne.

Antidote - Das neue Limited Edition

Check out my 4th Article in the Stardoll magazine : "Antidote - Das neue Limited Edition"

Link: http://www.stardoll.de/de/magazine/post/33581/antidote__das_neue_limited.html#_sdbtnoc5

Denim Designs

In the  StarDesign are hanging  'denim' related items  on the wall of the clothes designing shop- a 'Denim' poster, denim colour samples and 'Carpe Denim' notes stuck on the pinboard. All this fits to the new theme "CARPE DENIM" or Antidote. Like you see above also there are new colours. And the colours are from blue to black. So everything for denim (jeans). So many types of different blue we can find there. The choise is gigantic.

I only say "CARPE DIEM". Seize the Day!

Also there are new Stardesign templates there. 2 tops (8 and 10 dollars), a dress (10 stardollars) and a jeans for 10 stardollars. I like the jeans rellay. It´s skinny and pretty. I kan now design my own Jeans. But the prices are a little bit high. 

You can see the DENIM poster with sexy woman on it, wearing only jeans and a bra. Is Stardoll getting nude? Or is it just to bring the jeans in the middlepoint of the frame. Also there will be new furniture avaible, as you can see  on the pinboard. They are looking quiet sweet. 

So go to the Stardesign, and starting designing your own jeans. 

April 2009 - Hotbuys

The Spoiler for the New Hotbuys (April) are now posted on stardoll. How do you like them? The Hotbuys collection consist from Pink Headband, Black Fur Vest, Pink Top,  Pink Blazer/Jacket, Sparkly Neckless, Heart Skirt, Blue Dress, Beige Dress, Black Bow Bag and Shoes.

The hotbuys doesnt look very special and rare. I dont know. 

3rd article in Stardoll Magazine

It´s unbeliebable. Yesterday (march 20) i was 2 times in the stardoll magazine. The first time was with my article "Nawrooz on stardoll" and the second with "HOW TO BECOME A COVERGIRL?" This day was a very good day for me. I was so happy that my articles were published. Also it pushed up my popularity.

Friday, 20 March 2009

New Hotbuys Earings

New Hotbuys earings are now avaiable in the Starplaza. How they look like? See the picture above. They cost 6 stardollars. I dont like the big, golden earings, they look strange.

Also is here the Bisou Hot buys jacket for 8 stardollars. It doesnt look expensive nor high quality. It looks cheap and boring. Not a good Hotbuy.

Then there is the RIO Chicas Hot Buys Dress. This dress costs 16 stardollars. Expensive! It is not special, rare, but not ugly. It´s normal.

Nawrooz on Stardoll?!?

On March 21 a lot of people - and also many Stardoll members - will celebrate NAWROOZ. 

It´s the New Year's Day in Iran and several other countries; also a holiday in Turkey and Central Asian countries as well, celebrated on the day of the equinox

Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the Iranian year. We muslims are celebrating the year 1388/2009.

I am from Afghanistan and we celebrate Nawrooz like this:

We will eat Haft Mēwa which is like a Fruit salad made from 7 different Dried fruits, served in their own syrup. The 7 dried fruits are: Raisin, Senjed, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Prune, Walnut and whether Almond or another species of Plum fruit.

People cook special types of dishes for Nowroz, especially on the eve of Nowroz. Normally they cook Sabzi Chalaw, a dish made from rice and spinach, separately. Moreover, the bakeries prepare a special type of cookie, called Kulcha-e Nowrozī, which is only baked for Nowroz. Another dish which is prepared mostly for the Nowroz days is Māhī wa Jelabī (Fried Fish and Jelabi) and it is the most often meal in picnics

love maryam-jan

Me in Stardoll Magazine 2

Oh yes, i am again in the Stardoll magazine. Another goal i reached. In February 2009 i had my first article or better my own introduction in the Stardoll magazine. The article called "It´s just maryam-jan"

Here is the link were my article on stardoll is: http://www.stardoll.com/de/magazine/post/31727/its_just_maryamjan.html#_sdbtnoc5

And now i have my second article in the Stardoll magazine. "NAWROOZ ON STARDOLL". It´s so cool my article. I am talking for all the muslims members. Our New Year will not be not recognized. I am showing everybody something of my Afghan culture.

How do you like it? Check the Stardoll magazine to read my article.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

New Doree stuff

Wow, the new Doree Hair colours & highlights are now avaiable in the Shop. Every colour is blue. Denim blue, Royal blue & Hair colour blue. Too much blue? Noo. It fits definitiv to the new collection CARPE DENIM or Antidote. Should we look like a smurf? I really like the Doree Royal Blue, it looks elegant & modern. I also have 2 blue haircolours, but not one of these 3. I made my Medolls hair blue, especially for this new trend. 

New Voile "dress"

The New Voile Give a way dress is there. It´s for "free". Only Superstars can get it, when they made a purchase. So this time it´s not a usual dress or coctail dress, it´s a woman suit. There is the skirt Suit and jacket suit. You get both for free.

They are really awesome.  Check them out in my Suite. 

Antidote again


Above are the bag and parcel you get when you buy your items from the hawt shop, I'm lovin them! It was almost a shame to open them but I got over it when my favourite clothes of the shop popped out of the bags.

I only bought 4 things from Antidote for 155 stardollars - a real sale! I bought a jacket, a T-shirt, a jeans and the Antidote logo.

Some of the Antidote collection are today also avaiable, maybe i buy more.

New Stardesign - Spoiler

Look at this. This two shirts are new in the STARdesign! Do you like it? I really dont like it. I never would print my design un this two shirts. They look strange.

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