Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Free Hotbuys Shoes

Superstar members can get this cool Rio Chica Hot Buys Gold Pla for 0 Stardollars. So get it now!!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Say Bye, Bye to Stardoll

waterbanner.bmp (607 KB)

Ok, i am bored from stardoll and angry, because stardoll is getting every day more expensive. I mean, its always the same, having rooms, clothes, a doll and every weeks new collection, hot buys, etc. I was over 2,5 years always a superstar. I didnt paid only 2,49 € per month, no i bought at least 3 times stardollars per month. I was addicted. But now my eyes opened, because its getting more boring and i am busy, busy with my own life, my friends, my work, i am starting studying in october medizine, so my big focus will and is my medicin study to become a great doctor or surgean. SO i will not buy anymore stardollars. Anyway, i am a non-superstar. The  first days i was ashamed, but not i am thing whatever, you dont need to be a superstar. For what? I am paying 30 € for one handy superstar code in the month (2,50 * 12 = 30). I bought more then 1 code per month, so i am spending 60 -100 € only for stardollars. I want to  spent this money for cinema, eating and clothes and NOT FOR A VIRTUAL GAME WHERE THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE "STARDOLL" ARE CAPITALIST AND GETTING MILLIONS FROM LITTLE CHILDRENS. I also have no time. Its getting expensive and its no fun. What should i do with my account. I leave it like it is. I will come on when i have time. But i dont buy thing. Maybe i am selling my account on EBAY. My account is very rare. (...)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Free Ashley Poster

Stardoll are giving away loads of free pick of the day stuff aint they? well, first the aliens and now a ashley t poster! Just click on the pick of the day on the home menu ad it will transport you back too your suite.

if you dont live in the us/uk follow these instructions

1) Go to

2) type in in the URL bar

3) Log in too your account

4) click on the pick of the day, (the word if you cant see the poster)

5) let it redirect you too your suite.

6) log out

7) log back in normal stardll and you should have the poster.x

Free Necklace

Just login to stardoll and go to start page. its the "pick of the day" image. If you need a proxy site, use the ones near the bottom of the side bar under Proxy Change.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Free Alien Attack stuff

Just clik on the PIC OF THE DAY (22.Juli.2009) and you will come automatical to your mypage and will find this alien in a bag. Looks funy. And its the frist gift. There will be more gifts, so keep your eyes open.

Free Guitar

Get this brwon, free guitar. Just got to and then to stardoll cinema. Wait some seconds and then go to the real stardoll.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New Club Layout

The Clubpage has changed. First of all the headborder is much prettier then before. There is one border only for your clubs and in which you are managers. One Top6 List for the popularst clubs and on for the actives clubs. And one border which you follow. Superstar-clubs are yellow and non-superstarclubs pink. On the Clubs page, now you can find clubs in by language and categories, and on the Find Friends page you can find friends by their country and gender.

Get the Hannah Montanah free stuff

To get the Hannah Montana Top and the Hannah Montana Belt, use this manual proxy: port 80, or port 3124. That proxy is really slow, so be patient! Maybe it won't work for you, so search "UK free proxy" on Google! If you know any UK proxy that works post it on comments!
Then go to

When you are in the club, watch “Trailer 2”. Stay a few seconds and then log out!
You have the tee now! Plus if you missed the previous gift, you just need to watch the Trailer 1!

Monday, 13 July 2009


I want to say, that i am now very busy. I have finished my school and applying now for college. I want to study medizine. Besides i am working now to earn money. I am going 5 days in the week to sport/fitness, because i love it. Thats why i am not posting so much and why i dont play stardoll so often.

waterbanner.bmp (607 KB)

Chanel Handbag

I found this pretty dress in the starplaza in the "Happy Bastille collection". A bag inspired by Chanel Handbag. Its pretty, black and costs only 6 stardollars. A real sale. So get the chanel bag. 

Happy Bastille Day

Bastille Day is the French national holiday, celebrated on 14 July each year.  It commemorates the 1790 Fête de la Fédération, held on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789; the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation, and of the reconciliation of all the French inside the constitutional monarchy which preceded the First Republic, during the French Revolution.

And this is celebrating Stardoll too. You can get a lot of french stuff now. Clothes, a baguette, a car, ...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

My Star-Look-A-Like

My Stardoll LOOK-A-LIKE is MISHA BARTON. I choosed her, because she is very prettty, a fashion icon and a beauty. I tried to copy her LOOK fpr the contest. I think i have done it well. Please vote me.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Look-A-Like Contest

Make your doll look like a celeb and maybe you’ll win your own sportscar!

It’s a prize worth 45sd!
The bad thing is you cant change your doll after you cliked on the button.

Where is Miss Sixty

Should we look at it. Is it hidden or was it time limited to get Miss Sixty clothes. Or do they trying to make something like NICK who makes a campaign "WHERE IS SPONGEBOB"? Is it a Gag?

Miss Sixty not in Starplaza

What does this ad mean??? Do you now???

Chit-Chat - NEW

We can publish "our latest Stardoll tips, gossip, buzz, chatter, whatever!". The best will be posted on the magazine!

"Publish your latest Stardoll tips, gossip, buzz, chatter, whatever! Selected stories will be published in the magazine every day."

NEW Contest: Celebrity Look-a-like!

Make your MeDoll look like a celebrity of your choice and you could win a one-of-a-kind sportscar (it costs $45 on the MiniShop!) that you can personalize! Good luck!

Miss Sixty coming on stardoll

Coming soon on stardoll!!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

New Stuff in Minishop

There are new stuff in the minishop. 2 pop-art pictures for your wall. A stardoll laptop for 8 stardollars. A purple couch for 12 stardollars. The only non-superstar thing is the cellphone for 5 sd. 

Have fun with the new stuff. 

Minishop Sale - OUTNOW

(click on the image to enlarge it)

Hurry up, there is a huge MINISHOO SALE. 3 Sites full of 50 % off things. SO get it NOW!!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Almost Famous Styled Outfits

Almost Famous is a snapshot of today’s flower child fashion moment – an aspirational take on a seventies hippie vibe - with feathered accessories, lace and flowing prints

NEW Ashley Tisdale Club - Get free Stuff


Answer the Poll to win the Ashley Outfits.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hannah Montana Club - Free Stuff

More clubs with free stuff! Hannah Montana Club is for UK members only so its alittle more difficult to get these free items. Your suppose to get each item every two weeks.

Link to club:

Just a warning when you change your browser proxy it will go VERY VERY slow so just be patient.

1. Non-UK members Do this:

For Internet Explorer:
Tools–>Internet Options—>Connections—>LAN Settings
Check the use proxy box
Then put in in address and 80 in port
Click OK

For Firefox:
Extra -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Check the Manual box -> insert the proxy and port -> Click save.

Proxy you could use: and port: 80 (i used this one)
or and port: 80
But these proxies are updated daily… so if they don’t work try finding one on google. (Type ‘free proxy list’ and look for one from the UK)

2. Go to
log in and join :)

3. Go back to proxy settings and check ‘no proxy’!!

2. Stardoll Newsletter

Closing Sale


Hotel for Dogs FREE Cute Dog

Go to (for U.S Residents or non UK members)
Go to bottom of page type:
Press "Go"
Log in and Select one dog you want then go your suite.
Close and go to normal stardoll page and YAY you have a cute dog!

Glamorati Styled Outfits

Welcome to the unabashedly celebrity rich world of Glamorati – leggy and bright clothes with an accurate nose for trends - featuring clingy bandage dresses and cropped jackets, ruched and ruffled and all about big brands.  

Glamorati takes inspiration from Pucci and Ungaro with a saucy splash of Rock & Republic attitude – think of a South Beach vibe, by way of Paris.


Free Princess Protect Program CLUB


When you’re from the US or Canada you can just join freely, when you’re not:


1. Go to or any other USA or Canadian proxy server

(be sure to allow cookies and scripts)

2. Enter

in the url bar and press enter

Direct link:

3. Log into Stardoll

4. Under your clubs, you’ll see all 3 sponsored clubs. 

5. Join the Princess club (This could take several attempts! Just keep refreshing the page is all I can give as advice! :S) 

TIP that worked very good for me: Try clicking on ‘Join now’ while the page isn’t fully loaded yet! So from the moment your see the button, click it xP

Take the quiz to get the shirt  

Answers thanks to supermoose101 !!!

1. What is Princess Rosalinda’s cover name?
Right answer: Rosie Gonzalez
2. Where do Carter and her father live?
Right answer: Louisiana
3. On her first day of school, Rosie surprises one of her teachers when she fluently speaks which language?
Right answer: French
4. How does Carter explain her relation to “Rosie?”
Right answer: She says they are cousins
5. What food does Carter have to teach Rosalinda to eat in order to blend in?
Right answer: A hamburger
6. How many languages does Princess Rosalinda speak?
Right answer: 6
7. Where does Rosie work?
Right answer: A frozen yogurt shop
8. What essential teenage skill does Carter teach Rosie while drinking soda?
Right answer: Belching
9. What piece of jewelry does Rosalinda’s mom give her before Major Mason takes her away?
Right answer: A necklace
10. What is the name of the High School Carter and Rosie attend?
Right answer: Lake Monroe High School

PS: If you say ‘I can’t join’, mention where it goes wrong! I can’t help you otherwise! :S

Credits go to The STardoll Insiders. Thanks!

Spoiler - ELLE

New Elle coming to starplaza this week heres a spoiler of some of the items.

Stardoll Newsletter

Jonas Brothers GIFTS!

There is a Jonas Brothers club giving out gifts like The Disney Club!

1. Go to or or whatever US or Canadian proxy server

2. Enter the following in the url bar and press enter:

3. Log into Stardoll

4. Join the club (And yes, this doesn’t always work the first time! I sometimes had to refresh the page ten times too before it worked!

From the Stardoll Insiders

Fashion Rocks Stockholm - the winner's story!

It all began with me sitting around one evening, no plans, just surfing around Stardoll and stumbled across a contest they had organized. Usually I don’t enter anything like that. There’s no real chance you’re going to win. But this time I did do it and Thursday night at seven pm I’m sitting at Bistro berns drinking a Latte with the Stardoll Crew.

Unreal ...

(Please note that the two Fashion Rocks inspired dresses were available in the Red Carpet Store in Starplaza on Sat and Sunday, June 27-28 ONLY)

You can see the dresses in our winner Tieeree's Suite -- give her a visit 


"Since there are so many questions surrounding the competition and the dresses I'll try and answer them here. Not that I mind the questions just feels like Ive answered them 100 times by now. 
Did I design the Dress/-es? 
No, Im not designer IRL. I actually dont work with fashion in any way. I just simply choose ONE dress (the blue one) to be pixaleted and sold in starplaza. The designer for the dress is IVANA HELSINKI and Stardoll did the pixalation. 
Am I in any of the Pictures featured in the Articel? 
No, I dont appear in any of the photos. 
How Did I get the dresses for free? 
Sorry no Tricks there to give away. The dresses where a gift from Stardoll as an additional price in the contest. 
What contest? 
Stardoll had a competition for Swedish Stardollers, the task was to dress my MeDoll as a rockstar and enter it in my album. I did so and won. 
What did I win? 
The prize was for one to attend the Fashion Rocks Stockholm Event together with Stardoll Crew. The second part was to choose one dress from the catwalk that I liked for Stardoll to sell in the Starplaza, The third part was to write an article for the Stardoll Magazine. 
Did I meet Callie? 
No, Callie was not one of the Stardoll Crew that visited this event. 
Why did I choose this dress? 
I was supposed to choose a dress that I liked. This dress suites me and my personality and my personal taste. For thoose of you who like it I am glad you do. For thoose who dont, thats why there was so good that myself and Stardoll Crew choose such different dresses.
I hope this has answered some of your questions. Thank You!

Fashion Rocks Stockholm Dresses

The Fashion Rocks StockHolm Dresses are here, and available for everyone! They cost $7. 

How to join the Disney CLub

To join The Disney Club: use an american proxy server like and you’ll get gifts as the clubs reaches more members! For the Simple Club, you’ll need an UK proxy, but that club doesn’t give you anything when joining and you’ll need a proxyserver everytime you want to go inside, but if you really want to: is an example. TIP: Half the time it works to join, the other half it doesn’t, so all I can say is: keep trying! :S

Vivienne Tam gift

Members of "THE DISNEY CLUB" got their next gift. There are now 50.000 members so you got the VIV belt. And with 55.000 members you can get the purple bag.

RIP - Micheal Jackson

His death is huge, because Stardoll has never made a club dedicated to a death.
For all of you fans, join.

FREE Princess Shirt

Take the Princess Protection Program Quiz and Get a Free Shirt!


Free items


1. Click here after you read the instructions
2. Do the quiz
3. After you do the quiz, click submit
4. Go to your suite, and in the gift box in the main room, there will be the shirt!


1. Open another window and copy paste this.
2. DO NOT PRESS ENTER. Go to "My account" [directly underneath your medoll picture]
3. Click "Account Settings"
4. Copy paste your user ID after the "=" sign on URL above, and press enter
5. Scroll down to the bottom of the web page, and fill out the information [it does not have to be real, or match your stardoll information]
6. Press Submit
7. Log into your stardoll [if you are already not logged in] and go to your main closet room/suite. There will be a Simple bag, and a box, containing the hat and swim suit.


1. into your URL box.
2. In the URL box [ loacted in middle] in write and hit surf. Log into your stardoll account.
3. Go to the Magazine.
4. Click "Stardoll Cinema"
5. You don't have to watch the movie
6. After not watching the movie [or watching it] log out, and close the internet window.
7. Go back to regular internet, and into your stardoll suite.
8. Enter your main closet room. The Jonas t-shirt will be infront of your mirror.

Monday, 6 July 2009

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