Friday, 27 February 2009

It´s just maryam-jan

Oh my gosh! It´s real. Or i am dreaming? No, its true what i see in this moment in the Star magazine: My article "It´s just maryam-jan". Happyness. Unbeliebable. My first big goal for this year 2009 in stardoll. How did this happen? I had such a big luck and i am just smiling. It´s a big honour for me.

Here is the link were my article on stardoll is:

Here i post you the hole article:

It´s just Maryam-jan

Welcome to my Suite. My name is Maryam-jan! I am a 18 years old girl. I enjoy spending my time with Stardoll, Web designing and sports. I go to high school. I can speak many languages like German, Farsi/Dari, Hindi, English, little Spanisch and i can read Arabic. I have autumn-brown hairs,green/blue eyes andI am 1,75 tall.

I am since 06.01.2006 at Stardoll and it just makes me fun to style Stardolls, creating my own Medoll, making Scenery´s, decorating my Suite and designing new creations. I am uploading daily and try my best to be a fashion icon. I had a lot of wins on Stardoll and I am just trying to be famous, trendy and an idol for other members.

I love Bollywood and Indian and Afghan songs. My idol is Priyanka Chopra. She is one of the beautiful women in the world; she was Miss India, Miss World. She is also a good Actress. I want to do the same career like her. Additionally i am modelling. I love it to be a model. My appearance and body structure is important for me. I love it to o take center stage. I do a lot of sports to be fit and slim. Like any typical girl of my age, shopping for clothes & shoes, is the perfect way to end a week-long of studies. I spend a lot of money for clothes. I am a fashion-victim.

Free London souveniers

There are new free things avaiable. Join one of the following clubs: EF_StarClub_it , EF_StarClub_es or EF_StarClub_fi and you'll find 3 gifts from Stardoll Admin in your suite!

They are very cute.

DKNY Spring 09 Styled Outfits ... continues

Check the store every week for a new necklace, available for seven days only Make up your own rules with DKNY Spring 2009!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

New Blog Layout - Spoiler

Dear Blogreaders,

i decide to make a new Page layout here on this blog, because the colours are annoying me. Its time for something new. It will look great. I can tell you the new colours today: It will be yellow and black. You will love it.

Room of the week

In the past i found this room. I like it a lot. Its very creative.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Starbazar search tool

A new Starbazar search tool! There's even an option to look for a specific brand - who knows, maybe you'll run over something rare in DKNY!

The bankruptcy of STARdesigners?

The brand maryam-jan

Spoiler: The bankruptcy of Stardesigners?

This is the Spoiler for my new article/documentation about

the bankruptcy of Stardesigners. In this Article i justify the situation about the Designers on Stardoll. Its my own idea, because i mentioned that designing isnt so much  welcome anymore.

So to be continued!

March 2009 Hot Buys

The march hotbuys are there in Stardoll. How do you like them? I really dont like them so much, in the past the htobyus where more elegant and feminine. And i dont like sporty style.

Original Barbie dress

Hello, everybody on stardoll could get the barbie dress for free if he/she watchs the Barbie movie in stardoll cinema. Here you see the orignial barbie dress. And its cool now my medoll is wearing a barbie dress. I love barbies, they are so pretty. Many people call me "indian barbie", because i look like a bollywood barbie. ^^

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Get a free piece of Barbies fashion

Watch the amazing Fashion Show in Stardoll Cinema and a receive a free piece of Barbie fashion.  

Ready to Get All Doll’d Up with Barbie?

This year, America’s favorite fashion doll is celebrating her 50th .

The big events included her first-ever fashion show this February 14th during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, where over 50 of the hottest designers created looks from Barbie’s past, present and future.

Check out the webcast of this amazing fashion event - now playing in Stardoll Cinema.


Aplly Now for Stardolls Next Topmodel

Ready, set, go! Maryam-jan (that´s me) is searching on Stardoll and mostly in her club for STARDOLLS NEXT TOPMODEL!!! 
All female members on stardoll who dream to become a Topmodel, from 13 years and up can now apply for the first relay from "Stardolls Next Topmodel - by maryam-jan".
(Link: )
So interested?
There will be 2 rounds. The first round is where you apply for the title "Stardolls next Topmodel". In the second round only 5 -10 canidates will be judged in a task.

So Round Nr. 1 starts! Introduce yourself below and write why you should be a Topmodel. Which qualitfication do you have. (You must write more then 4-5 sentences).

The price is the unique title "Stardolls Next Topmodel", 1 superstargift of your choise, 2 weeks advertisement on the club page (name & scenery) & a lot of fame.

So enter now. Round 1 ends on February 20. 

Miss Afghanistan task Nr.1


so the 13 canidates for the Miss Afghanistan pageant on Stardoll here in my club "AFG-4-Ever" are called.. It is time to find the Miss Afghanistan and sadly to eliminate some of the canidates. It will be so. I didnt have read the apllycations carefully, so that some participants will leave because of that and also here i will tell you what your task is.   

Miss Afghanistan Canidates:

bollyqueens1, AfghanBeautyx, prezzie--, _tinkelbel_ , afg_ghazal, hotmaro, Lady-Hasina, taste, hallohasina, Spicychic18, Baby-doll16, xxschebyxx, chalojan.

The First task: So the 13 canidates for the Miss Afghanistan pageant on Stardoll here in my club "AFG-4-Ever" are called. I didnt eliminate anybody, but it is time to find the Miss Afghanistan and sadly to eliminate some of the canidates. It will be so. I didnt have read the apllycations carefully, so that some participants will leave because of that and also here i will tell you what your task is.Task Nr. 1:Your task is to make a Scenery which has something to with Afghanistan, show some of the culture of AFG or what you think Afg represents.So good luck! Please use only club scenery here. You have 4 days timne ( till 21 Feb.). Tell me when you have finish.Love maryam-jan

Free things on stardoll

To get the checkered Shirt do this:
1) Go to the stardoll shop
2) Purchase the checkered shirt in the 1st page of the mens section!

To get the free pillow do this:

Go to minishop:

1.go to search

2.go to textiles

3.u will find a flower pillow for 0 stardollars

or Go to minishop than roots and you'll find a free red pillow with yellow flowers on it. You can buy 10!

Also search for the black free t-shirt. Go to Shop and search for a black T-Shirt and you'll find a free one on page 7.


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Stardolls Next Topmodel

Maryam-jan (that´s me) is searching on Stardoll and mostly in her club for STARDOLLS NEXT TOPMODEL
Ready, set, go! All female members on stardoll who dream to become a Topmodel, from 13 years and up can now apply for the first relay from "Stardolls Next Topmodel - by maryam-jan".
Join my club "Tips-Tricks" and in the top spot you can read the rules.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Winner of Comp. Nr.2

Winner of Comp. Nr.2

The task was:
All you have to do is to go to my Styling Studio "PromNight WEAR by maryam-jan" 
and style my medoll and then save it on your album. Make my Medoll the beautifulest for her PromNight. Be creative! After Saving, write above that you entered. A good comment in your album to the doll may help you win.

The Price:

The best outfit will win! The prices are 2 Superstargifts of your choise and 1 week advertisement on the frontpage of this club.

The Entries:

nickjfan_007 3
Axsana 1
Cookies_x 2

The Winner: The decision was very hard, cause every outfit looks great on my doll - my medoll looks always pretty. But one choose an outfit i would also dress my medoll like. So the Winner is .....
Axsana !!!

Congrats. You did well job. You won 2 gifts. 

The first runner up is Cookies_x and the second runner up nickjfan_007.

Dont be sad if you didnt win. You have a new chance in the next comp. 

Axsana please contact me, and tell me which gifts you want. :D

love maryam-jan

Free Pillow

To get the free pillow do this:

Go to minishop:
1. Go to search
2. Go to textiles
3. Yu will find a flower pillow for 0 stardollars

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Real LE Collection

The Limited Edition Collection Part Deux                                     

So that are the real clothes which stardoll uses as LE - COllection.

I think on stardoll they look better than in reality.

Free Stuff on Stardoll

White Shirt With Yellow Star
Black Singlet With Stardoll Logo
Pink Skirt With Stardoll Logo
Black Skirt With Stardoll Logo
Pink High Heels

Starplaza (Superstar Items)
Superstar Dress
Superstar Fairy Wings
Superstar Mens Jacket
Superstar Mens Hat
Superstar Mens Shoes
Superstar Mens Pants
(All These Items Are Yellow)

Tip: When Looking For These Items Use The Search Funtion                                                                                 and The Colour It Is. 

Red Rose
Face Heart

Splendid(Superstar Items)
Face Star
Superstar Headband
Face Wash 
(It Removes Make-Up So Only Useful For Superstars, Although Available For Non-Superstars As Well)
Temporary Items
White Pantyhose
Celebrity Items
Mary-Kate Olsen - Free Poster
Paulina Porizkova - Free Dog (Dexter)

Igor - Dress
Taking 5 - T-Shirt
Picture This - Poster
True Jackson - T-Shirt
The Clique - Poster
Drake & Josh - Poster (USA users Only)

Remember To Share More In Discussion Pages!!!!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Limited Edition 2

They Came. They Sold. They Conquered.
Almost like the famous Latin saying, this months edition of the Limited Edition came, sold, and conquered. Sure, it wasn't as high quality as the first release that sold a few months ago, but there is almost this LE-Fever that hits you when you see the pieces! From the lot, all I really wanted was the heart clutch, but I spent too much time debating about what I wanted and ended up with an adorable white dress for250 Stardollars, the red hotpant and the black glitter dress(I honestly do not know what compelled me to purchase it). The three things take 500 stardollars from me. Then i was poor. I wanted to buy more of them, but my handy prepaid was empty and today morning everything were sold, and i was angry.
So i wanted you to ask, if you have own some of the LE 2 collection. If yes, write which you get

LE chain and pendant

Okay, a lot of people have been asking me where I got my LE chain and pendant. Everyone who bought something in the last collection of LE got them.

I sadly dont have them, but i will search for them.

If you didn't buy anything (like me) you can still ghet them. Search through the interior StarBazaar.
The chain isn't too hard to find, but the pendant will prove to be a bit trickier.

I think the chain and pendant is a great idea. There is going to be a new charm with every collecton of LE (yay!). Another great idea from Stardoll!

Winner of Valentine´s Day Comp.


 `·.(¨`·.·´¨)* i decide to make another comp. at the same time 
  `·.¸.·´* like the competiton Nr.2. 
- What do you have to do ?:
You have to make a ClubScenery. You can use any which you want. But the Scenery should have something to do with Valentines Day. Think about what mathces the best to Valentines Day.
Write above when you have done it.
The Winner will get 2 Valentine Gifts and 1 week Advertisement with her/his Scenery.

The Comp. runs until February, 13. The winner will be called on Valentines Day!


Winner of Valentines Day Comp.

Hello everybody, hope you are fine and you have a wonderful, romantic Valentins Day.
NOW i tell you who is the Valentine´s Day Comp. Winner. Your task was to make a scenery
which has soemnthing to do with Valentine´s Day.
The decision was very hard, i cant decide, so pic spontaneous one winner. 
The winner is ... keiksokolata with "Valentine´s Day Competition :)"
The winner get 2 Valentinegifts of my (maryam-jan) choise and her scenery
will be showed on Valentine´s Day on the Club page. 

Do you get already the Valentines Day gift? If not, go to the shop and then you see the free lipstick.

For more infos about this comp. and who are the 2. and 3. winner go to my blogspot:

List of Entries:

liverpool2 with Maryam + Chris brown = perfect valent
bobstergirl with hearts for the comp
serefa with its a magic night for Love
no_way_123 with Valantine day for the comp 3
keiksokolata with Valentine´s Day Competition :) 1
pettyprinces07 with Waiting for my date x
Tweetypie_lover with My date 2
Cookies_x with My LOVEly date arrinving!
xx-arls-xx with a valentines day luv heart
miss_lady13 with "."  

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